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PostSubject: Guild Recruiter   Guild Recruiter EmptyThu Feb 26, 2009 2:33 am

The main responsibilities of our recruiter who is a founder is to make sure that:

1.) Have an up to date recruiting application.

2.) The applicant has filled out the application properly and fully.

3.) The applicant meets or has the ability to quickly meet our member requirements.

4.) The applicant has enough "yes" votes to recieve an invitation.

5.) That the applicant isnt on the wall of shame or a guild hopper or theif.

6.) Then the Founder in charge of recruiting and only that founder can send an invite to said applicant. (In an emergency to get in a top tier recruit any other founder may invite but must immeadiately inform the recruiting founder in msg that a new recruit was brought in)

Currently our Guild Recruiting Founder is Dantman16
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Guild Recruiter
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