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 Guild Rules

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1. We are a non-PvP guild, so only attack inactive players. Any complaints about our guild members attacking other players will result in the guild looking into the matter. Feel free to take bounties if you wish. Just be prepared to get bountied back .

2. Attacking a member of an allied guild is an automatic kick from the guild. If you are attacked by a member of another guild please communicate with a one of the Guild Founders before any action is taken.

3. All members of the guild are automatically assessed a tax on their gold accumulation through defeating creatures. This tax goes directly into the Guild Bank and pays for the guild structure upkeep. You will see this deduction at the bottom of the battle screen. Guild Tax amounts are 25% for all members.

4. You must donate at least four a week in order for us to grow faster. These donations must be done through your deposites & not through sending gold to a guild founder. If you want to help more, you may forward gold to any of the Top Guild Members and they will deposit it in the guild bank. This gold keeps our structures alive, helps us add new ones, or allows us to improve the ones we have.

5. To support the guild you must maintain a minimum amount of leveling activity. The gold generated from taxes on hunting is what powers the structures and bonuses that the guild provides to you. When you are inactive the guild is supporting you, but you are not supporting the guild, and others have to donate extra to cover your part. For this reason we require that all members provide enough activity to hunt 4 times at least per week if they are below lvl 200. If you are unable to be this active, or are planning to be away from the game for longer than 3 days, you must inform the Guild Recruiter or a top guild member. Failure to follow this rule may lead to your being kicked out from the guild.

6. Please assist your guildmates with Buffs and by joining Attack Groups. They will assist you when you need the same. It makes your life much easier in the game to work as a team.

7. Clear all the zeroes on the guild advisor (except for the relic catpure). Not being able to clear all the zeroes will keep you stuck at a specific rank with specific privilliges.

8. Do not recall items or sets from online members. Recalling from online members will cause you to be deranked to "unranked" for 24 hours the first time. The second time this happens the "unranked" rank will be there for 48 hours. Shall this happen for a third time, you will be kicked out from the guild since it wont be a human error anymore.

9. Shall there be a Guild Conflict, do not take part in the conflict before you clear it our with the Guild Top Members. Once they give you clearance & buff you, then you can take part. Do not at any time initiate any guild conflict unless it is cleared out with the Top Members.

10. New members have 7 days to get out of probation & collect 15,000 XP contribution. During this time, they will have limited priviliges to the guild functionalities.

11. Players over lvl 100 can enjoy a doubler potions if they have full stam over base stamina 1500.

12. Minimum lvl to join is 50 strictly (exceptions can be made! Only 5 members below level 50).

13. Do not store common items or rare items or set items before clearing it out with Klatu. He is our armory advisor. Storing & tagging any item without his permission will result in being deranked.

14. Once you are accepted into the guild, you have 3 days to register in the forum.

15. Have fun and remember it is only a game!
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Guild Rules
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